iNetAdviser 4.5.10

Internet Navigator based on Explorer but with multi-functionality

This “all-in-one” product makes your Internet surfing easier and faster. It combines functions of a multi-window browser and advanced bookmarker. Use link highlighting feature to avoid visiting the same Web page twice. Hover your mouse over a link to see your personal comments, page screenshots, last view date and more. Block annoying pop-ups and banner ads. Wipe out all tracks of your online activities. Translate and voice Web pages on-the-fly, use quick groups and URL aliases.

If you think you need a reliable assistant when surfing the Web, an assistant who would take care of all the routine and tedious tasks – iNetAdviser is just what you need. You won’t have to scrape through a pile of web pages and application windows on your desktop. You won’t have to wonder whether you have already visited a particular site. You can forget about clicking a bunch of Web links one-by-one. Along with the conventional browsing capabilities, iNetAdviser offers an array of unique features which add up a new approach to web-surfing.

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